Why Sell?


Needing Costly Repairs

Plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems – they all add up.  And a major repair can cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

Often times, getting a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit for those repairs is not practical due to equity in home or your personal financial and credit situation.

And even if you get a loan for repairs, dealing with contractors and delays and being displaced is a major burden on you and  your family.

We make it easy for you.  Forget the repairs.  Cash out of your property now and use it for a place that does not need all of those repairs.


Relocating or Job Transfer

Finding that perfect job is difficult, so when you do, sometimes  you need to be able move quickly.  Getting the home ready to be shown a hundred times by a Realtor means you may be delaying that important move.

Not to mention the 6% or more in real estate commissions that you will lose.  And don’t forget that most purchase contracts have another additional 3% to 6% of purchase price set aside to cover the purchaser’s closing costs.

Skip the delays and all the costs, we will take of everything for you quickly and avoid all of those costs that come right out of your pocket!


Structural Problems

Unlike minor repairs, structural problems cannot be delayed.  If they are corrected in the proper way, it could be very dangerous.

And without making those very expensive structural repairs up front, no one will list or buy  your home.  Avoid all that and let us make it easy for you.



We all know that at least 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.  And they are never pleasant.

Sometimes  you need to sell the home to buy your ex-spouse out, and sometimes you just want the property and the memories associated with it gone.

We can help you  to move on and start over buy taking care of everything for you. Quickly.


Inherited a Home

Its not a home that  you wanted, but now you have it.  And now you also have the responsibility and cost of keeping it updated, utilities, and more.

So now what?  You rent it out and deal with that?

No, its time to move on and put the history of that home and the costs with keeping it up behind you.  Its time for us to quickly purchase your home so that  you take the cash and distribute it to others that part of the estate or use it for some other purpose.


Retirement or Downsizing

Its the next phase of your life and a home that is too large or expensive to maintain does not make any sense. 

Let us purchase your home from you quickly so that you can use that cash to buy a home that fits your new lifestyle needs.



We are experts and have a proven track record in dealing with banks and avoiding Foreclosure through negotiating a “short sale” or buy buying your home from you quickly so that  you have the cash to pay off  your mortgage.

Foreclosures are stressful, let us put that stress to an end!


Bad Mortgage Terms

So much paperwork.   Did you really understand everything that  you signed?  Has the monthly payments increased on you due to an Adjustable Rate Mortgage or because escrows for taxes and insurances were not properly setup?

Sometimes you can be stuck in a bad mortgage and unable to refinance into a lower rate due to loss of job, credit, or lack of equity.

Its time to hit the “reset” button and allow us to pay off that mortgage and get you out of that trap.


Liquidating Assets to Pay Bills

The calls, the letters, they never seem to end.  We can take that all away by getting you  your equity – fast.  Use that cash to pay off those bills and rebuild your credit!

Sometimes debtors will take a lot less than you owe them if you can act fast.  That is where we come in.  We can act fast and close on  your home and give you the cash that you need, when you need it.


Death of a Loved One

There is a lot to deal when you lose a loved one and dealing with your home should not be one of them.

We understand what you are going through and will quickly and compassionately purchase your home so that you can the cash to settle things and have one less thing to worry about.


Job Loss

Making a large house payment can be tough after you lose your job and you need to be move quickly for any new job opportunity.

The cash proceeds from you quick sale will make it easy for you to payoff your debts and be ready to move.

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